Follow-up questions for Florida's two key members of Congress

March 30, 2014 

To reply about the questions I asked Bill Nelson and Vern Buchanan in a March 10 letter, I had no illusion that either of these two men were going to answer.

In fact, one of my old pals went as far as saying that I would not be welcomed in their neighborhood without either a lawnmower or pool cleaning equipment in the back of my truck. I think he is right.

Seems like these representatives feel like they really do not have to answer to us (the real people). I bet if I was a lobbyist with a big bag of cash, things would be different,

So let's try this one more time.

I want to change some of the questions: Did you support the invasion of Iraq? Do you feel that illegal workers ought to be deported? Is Social Security a socialist program? Are Santa and Tinker Bell the same person? Do you support gay rights?

Remember, boys, no tap dancing.

Paul Thomas


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