Florida's Pill mill abuse an indication of potential medical marijuana abuse

March 30, 2014 

I read with great interest the article "As pills killed kids, Florida just shrugged" in the Herald's March 22 newspaper.

The "pill mills" referenced focused on the impact of this wholesale distribution of "prescribed medication" in Florida without referencing the far reaching effect this unabated enterprise had on the Ohio River Valley, especially the southern counties of Ohio.

Finally, after several years of smuggling these "prescribed drugs" to Ohio, did the combined law enforcement community come together to shut down the Florida pill mills -- especially to Scioto County, Ohio.

This question has to be asked: How in the world will legalized medical marijuana be handled any different than the highly regulated prescribed drugs that continue to be abused in Florida and elsewhere?

The answer is ... it will not be! If anyone thinks differently, they are naive.

Richard L. Ike Stage

Bradenton-Grove City, OH

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