Major Manatee County development projects threaten mobility

March 30, 2014 

There is a lot of talk lately of two large proposed communities to be built in the areas of El Conquistador Parkway, 75th Street and Cortez Road: Long Bar Pointe and Crossroads.

I object strenuously to both projects as I can see little by little the destruction of our charming Bradenton by these large building projects.

I think we taxpayers should be allowed to vote on whether these projects should be allowed in the first place, but since we can't, and I realize there is big money behind them, they probably will be built, and Bradenton will take another step towards becoming another Miami!

If these projects are begun without a new, third bridge built from the mainland to the beaches, traffic nightmares would result. As it is, right now it's a horror going to the beach during the season, especially on the weekend.

It is hard to imagine what the traffic jams would be like heading west on Cortez Road if all these new residents were added to the present residents headed to the beach over the Cortez bridge.

El Conquistador Parkway and 75th Street would also need widening at the builders' expense, not the taxpayers', since it's their brainchild, not ours, before construction would begin.

Who would want to live there if they can't go anywhere stress free?

Marilyn Griffith


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