Little reason to elect pot-smoking president

March 29, 2014 

I read an article regarding baby boomers, better known as Generation Jones, born between 1954 and 1964. It seems Florida has a large number of these people.

Their current agenda is to legalize medical marijuana. The article goes on to say this same group of people elected Barack Obama to the presidency.

The article says this generation has years of first-hand knowledge of using marijuana and they conclude it is no big deal.

Well, that may be true and if it can help those who need it medically, I say fine. But I am sorry they did not do more research on the man they claim to have voted into the White House.

Did they not care he had no credentials to govern this great country of ours? Did they not look at his voting record while he served in the Senate? Did they not care he had no experience with our foreign allies or that we had a great relationship with Israel?

No, they only thought he was cool because he also experienced marijuana. Well, I hope they can see through the haze of their smoke what a dismal mistake their vote was.

Ned Cobb


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