Accountability lacking in this case of dog attack

March 29, 2014 

The Herald's Friday article about two dogs put to death was of great concern to me. The reason is this: Two years ago, my daughter was severely attacked by two dogs while working.

The attack was on private property, because her job required her to do so. The dogs were seized by Manatee County Animal Services after the incident.

They were held for a few days and then released back to their owner after he paid a $500 fine.

My daughter had to have extensive surgery on her right arm, and she lost the tip of her index finger on her left hand. In addition to all the pain she endured, she was unable to work for several months, and she has a very permanently scarred arm.

Her medical bills were paid by her employer, and also her wages were paid until she was declared able to work again.

Because of the trauma she experienced, she was unable to return to her job.

As far as I know, the dogs are still living, and my daughter has not received any extra compensation from her employer, nor anything from the dogs owner.

She did see an attorney immediately after the incident; however, her case is still pending.

Where is the accountability, and where is justice?

LeRoy Thayer


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