Quit misdirecting blame to Manatee County for dog sentence

March 29, 2014 

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Karen Erskine is comforted by supporters outside the Manatee County Animal Services facility in Palmetto after her dogs Buck and Bill were euthanized under court order on March 27, 2014. FILE PHOTO/PAUL VIDELA/Bradenton Herald

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The sad and controversial case surrounding a pair of dogs who mauled a boy ended this week. By court order, the two Australian shephards were deemed dangerous and euthanized on Thursday night.

The dogs' owner, Karen Erskine, lost her beloved pets. She put up a long and valiant fight to save them.

The boy's parents and the youth will be dealing with this nightmare for a long time, too, perhaps a lifetime.

But the law is the law, plain and simple. Neither Manatee County commissioners nor Animal Services write or enforce state laws. Yet both are bearing the brunt of the public's wrath over judicial rulings condemning the dogs.

The boy lost a large piece of flesh in one of his legs while he riding his bike. Anyone seeing images of that wound would have to agree this was major damage, and not just minor puncture bites as some contend.

The boy underwent multiple surgeries. There's no evidence the kid provoked an attack.

In ruling after ruling during this lengthy court case, judges have found the two dogs are a danger to society. Florida statutes mandate dangerous dogs who commit an unprovoked attack be euthanized.

The public outcry against the county is misdirected. Manatee County has no control over state law or the judicial system, but the hate mail includes obscenities and outbursts like this: "you know dog killers go to hell."

That's simply shameful and a poor reflection on animal lovers and activists.

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