A challenge to Leonard Pitts to lead march for voiceless children

March 28, 2014 

So, Leonard Pitts wants to know who speaks for a child after he/she is born when they face problems ("Who speaks for the voiceless," Herald, Feb. 19).

He seems disturbed that there are marches, shouting matches and legislative action for children not yet born as if those activities were to blame.

Surely, Mr. Pitts must know that the same activities take place to make it legal to abort an unborn child, even one as old as nine months!

Surely, he knows there are marches for breast cancer, environmental protection for turtles and other wildlife. Where are those marchers? Are they concerned about the rights of a child after it is born?

The real problem isn't the pro-life movement. The problem is a decision the Florida Department of Children and Families made almost a decade ago to drastically reduce the number of children taken into state custody.

Instead, innocent and helpless children are victimized in the hands of their violent, neglectful, mentally-ill or drug addicted parents.

Mr. Pitts asks: Who speaks for Shaiunna Hare, age 2; Kaleb Cronk, age 1, and Logan Hancock, to name a few? What about you, Mr. Pitts?

Are you willing to lead a march for these voiceless children? Would other pro-abortion advocates join you to speak up for these voiceless children?

My father always said me: "Don't ask someone to do something that you yourself would not do."

So with those words of wisdom in mind, I will wait for a March for the Voiceless and to see if Mr. Pitts leads it.

Jo Ann Williams-Marvin


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