Liberal philosophy merits turkey as national symbol

March 28, 2014 

I find it interesting that left-wing writers only mention the money the Koch brothers contribute to political funds.

One recent author complained about Alex Sink losing the election for the St. Petersburg seat in Congress immediately after whining about the Kochs. I guess the writer overlooked the fact that the Democrats spent nearly three times as much as the David Jolly campaign.

The Kochs rate 59th from the top as major contributors and are far behind the trade unions and admitted socialist George Soros, who contributes to every major left-wing and socialist political group -- yet, we never hear about that in the news.

As far as it being time to stand up and thwart the takeover of Congress, we are a little late for "thwarting." The time for that was in 2008, or in the 2012 presidential race when Gov. Romney predicted nearly every problem that has happened since while the media scoffed.

I have yet to find one person who has benefitted from the Affordable Care Act but I do know there are 5 million who have signed up ... but not necessarily paid.

The media is ignoring the 5 million who lost their insurance when ACA went into effect! Sounds like a wash to me.

Don't forget the billions -- yes, the billions spent by the socialists in Washington trying to sell this scheme. Now we are expected to turn a blind eye to that waste of taxpayers money.

We are nearly $18 trillion in debt and borrowing money from China, Russia, etc., so we can give China, Russia, etc. foreign aid.

Ben Franklin was right. We should have made the turkey our national symbol.

Frank Eldrigde

Palma Sola

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