On Anna Maria Island parking dilemma, sell Manatee County resident passes

March 27, 2014 

Anna Maria commissioners plan on moving forward with paid parking plans on streets and right-of-ways on certain streets. TIFFANY TOMPKINS-CONDIE/Bradenton Herald


Doug Egger's letter about Anna Maria Island paid parking in Saturday's Herald was right on the money.

The problem that we're having with this is the fact that fellow Manatee County residents are lumping us in with inconsiderate out-of-county and out-of-town visitors.

AMI is a great place; we patronize the various shops, and their restaurants are the first places we head to when we want to take out-of-town visitors to dinner.

When we go to the beach, we park in designated parking areas and leave the beach in better condition than when we arrived. We take pride in our entire county and everything it offers.

How about this? Issue beach windshield stickers to Manatee County residents at a cost of $10 or so each, with, of course, proof of county residency, and let the out-of-area visitors park their cars in the paid-parking areas.

That way they won't be able to urinate on residents' lawns, block their driveways or otherwise cramp their lifestyle.

Problem's solved; everyone's happy.

Stan Jablonski


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