NFL approves raising goal posts by five feet

The Sports NetworkMarch 25, 2014 

Orlando, FL ( - One day after approving a rule to allow referees to consult with the officiating department at league headquarters in New York during replay review, the league came to a decision on the rest of the rules proposals on the docket.

The biggest rule change made on Wednesday at the NFL's owners meetings dealt with extending the uprights.

The goal posts will now be five feet higher on each side, making it easier to tell whether or not a kick has gone through. That proposal was submitted by the New England Patriots.

Another rule change allows video reviews on plays with a recovery of a loose ball on the field even though the play had been whistled dead.

Also adopted was a proposal to no longer stop the clock on sacks outside of two minutes.

The owners rejected the Redskins' proposal to move the kickoff to the 40-yard line.

The Patriots' proposal to move the extra point back to the 25-yard line failed, but the league will experiment with a new extra-point system during the preseason. Extra points in the first two weeks of the preseason will be snapped from the 20-yard line.

Another failed proposal dealt with allowing an unlimited number of players on injured reserve to return to the active roster.

Multiple proposals to expand plays that can be reviewed were shot down.

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