Why do pets rank as higher priority than children?

March 25, 2014 

OK, so let me just see if I have this straight, especially in light of the wonderful job the Herald has done this past week highlighting the travesty of child endangerment.

We have a woman who gave up one child to the care of her mother; let her next child, a 6-month old, suffocate to death in a pile of laundry while she is high on whatever her drug choice was; is pregnant with another child, and she was sentenced to house arrest, probationary time and is to attend parenting classes.

This versus a young man with no prior record or trouble with the law who left a dog in a car on a hot day, and he is facing jail time for animal cruelty?

Would someone please tell me when I booked my trip to Mars?

And before all you PETA folks and extreme animal lovers get on my case, yes, I do think animals have to be protected from those who would do them harm.

But when you put punishment of an animal death over that of a human being, I am sorry, that is just wrong.

Someone, please wake me up.

Susan Belvo


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