Time to mobilize against parking fee in Anna Maria

March 23, 2014 

Paid parking in Anna Maria: Well, Mayor SueLynn and the city commissioners have been quiet for months following the uproar they caused last year, and now they are going to try to slip it in again.

The most revealing element to the new proposal for paid parking on the streets is this: City residents will not have to pay it.

That's right, it is their private domain, and residents of Bradenton and Manatee County, who pay the taxes that support the island and like to think it is their beach, too, are going to be inconvenienced year round, even though the parking issue is only seasonal and on national holidays.

Sure sounds like revenue building to me.

So stick it to them, those nasty landside "daytrippers," who by the way, support the businesses on the island all year.

One commissioner had the sense to suggest annual passes, I trust for Manatee County residents. That has been brought up before; it would hardly be equitable for county residents to pay and the islanders get a free pass. After all, they already have parking spaces.

OK, you "daytrippers," time to get moving again.

Start by contacting the county commissioners, and bring out the T-shirts and bumper stickers.

There are lots of us who pay taxes and vote, but only a handful in Anna Maria.

What do we want? Parking passes available to all county residents!

And to the good folks on the island who had the courage to speak out last year, who need us and want us to visit the island year round, please make yourselves heard again. Thank you.

Phil Moore


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