Florida woman talks about her dog's fatal C-section

Posted by MARC R. MASFERRER on March 20, 2014 

Candace Hauser, 31, is facing animal cruelty charges after investigators said she performed a C-section on a dog without anesthesia, then stitched the dog up with non-medical glue. The dog later died.

From Bay News 9

WINTER HAVEN -- The owner of a dog who was killed after a botched cesarean section this month is talking about the incident.

Investigators said Candace Hauser, 31, delivered 14 puppies of her friend’s 4-year-old Bull Mastiff, Nadia, earlier this month. Investigators said Hauser cut the dog open and then sealed her up with super glue. She is now facing felony animal abuse charges.

The owner later brought the dog to Veterinary Healthcare Associates in Winter Haven where Dr. Loren Nations determined the dog's cause of death was internal hemorrhaging. He said the dog bled to death.

The dog’s owner talked with Bay News 9 about the incident from her Davenport home on Wednesday night. The owner said she was going to be used as a witness in the case and could only talk off camera. She told us she took the dog to Hauser because Hauser had told her she was a medical examiner, and that she had delivered puppies naturally many times before. She said Hauser told her not to worry.

The owner said as the dog was in labor, she went down the street to Wal-Mart to get milk for the puppies but found her dog in a tub full of blood when she returned.

Two of the puppies had been delivered through C-section. The owner said she raced to get her dog to the clinic.

Investigators dispute the timeline however, saying it happened over a 12 hour period, but the owner said she got the dog to the clinic as fast as she could.

Nations, who has practiced veterinary medicine for 23 years, said when the owner brought the dog to the clinic, she told them her dog was dead after having the C-section and she wanted to have her dog cremated.

"I have never seen anything like this," said Nations. "This is by far the most horrific case we've seen."

Nations showed the graphic pictures of the dog and notes on the case.

"It looked like a knife had basically plunged into the abdomen and opened up," Nations said. "There was, it was jagged, it was off-centered. It actually went through one of the mammary glands.

“This poor animal actually suffered that without the benefit of anesthesia or even pain management on somebody's kitchen table is just horrific."

Nations said he couldn’t even begin to imagine the pain the dog went through.

"To have a knife stabbed into her abdomen and these puppies ripped out of her and then to have her die from hemorrhage, it must have been excruciating pain," Nations said. "My feeling is that is that anybody who's capable of this type of abuse on any other living being, whether it's an animal or a person, should go to jail."

At this point, the owner is not facing any charges.

The clinic is cooperating fully with the investigation.

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