State of Florida went bananas on teacher evaluations

March 20, 2014 

"Bananas" was a comedy by Woody Allen about a fictional country called San Marcos having a revolution back in the 1970s.

The new dictator made several crazy new laws for no reason. All children under 16 years old are now 16. Swedish will be spoken instead of Spanish.

Underwear will be changed every half hour and worn on the outside so it can be checked.

All math teachers are now reading teachers. Sorry. The last law was from our Republican-led Legislature.

My wife is a high school math teacher. Half of her evaluation (VAM score) was based on the reading scores, yes, reading, of 22 students!

They say art imitates life, and sometimes life imitates art, but should our legislators imitate a wacky comedy?

Tim Morrissey


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