6 arrested after Bradenton police quell Juvenile Detention riot

Posted by JESSICA DE LEON on March 19, 2014 

BRADENTON — Bradenton police brought calm to a juvenile detention center after a riot broke out Tuesday.

At 9:55 p.m., 12 officers responded to the Juvenile Detention Center, 1803 Fifth St. W., Bradenton. Bradenton Police Department first-responders reportedly observed two separate areas with juvenile inmates banging on windows, walls and doors, yelling and running around.

“In the first section we looked in I could see a lot of debris all over. The ceiling and lights were damaged, there were books all over the floor, the clock was missing and there were bookshelves overturned,” BPD officer Jeanine Pease reported. “While looking in there, I heard people behind me also yelling and banging. I looked through the window and there were several juveniles running and swinging their shirts over their heads.”

More police officers were called to the scene as the juveniles refused to comply with orders to desist and shouted profanities.

“Once more officers arrived we were able to assess the situation and found out who the primary aggressors were who initiated the riot,” Officer Casey Harnas reported.

It took police about 15 minutes to calm the riot, which included up to 20 out-of-control juveniles. Five juveniles were charged with rioting within a state facility and criminal mischief. One juvenile was also charged with kicking an officer, police reported.

No known motive for the riot was identified, according to Bradenton Capt. William Fowler. One juvenile, when first detained by Pease, shouted: “We are taking this (expletive) over.”

Harnas reported juvenile detention center authorities instructed him that all juveniles charged needed be cleared at Manatee Memorial Hospital for any injuries.

Some juveniles continued to resist even after being arrested. One juvenile arrested by Harnas was uncooperative with doctors and reportedly continued to be vulgar. The juvenile was also uncooperative with a crime scene investigator who came to the hospital to document the injuries with photos. “We attempted to arrange him to get the necessary photographs and he ended up kicking myself and a nurse at the hospital,” Harnas reported.

Damage to the detention center was estimated to be as much as $3,500.

“Most of the stuff that was torn up was in the common areas,” Fowler reported. “They are still in the same facility.”

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