5 things to watch at the Florida Legislature on Wednesday

Posted by MARC R. MASFERRER on March 19, 2014 

From the Herald/Times Tallahahssee Bureau:

TALLAHASSEE -- Elected officials will pause Wednesday to remember the life and legacy of former Gov. Reubin Askew. The House will reconvene for a late-afternoon session on the floor. Here are five things to watch:

-- A memorial service for former Gov. Reubin Askew will be held at 2:00 p.m. at Faith Presbyterian Church in Tallahassee. Eulogists will include Askew's son Kevin Askew; former U.S. Rep. Jim Bacchus; and former state Rep. and Florida State University President Sandy D’Alemberte.

-- Five Senate appropriations subcommittees will discuss the upper chamber's budget proposal: Education Appropriations; Criminal and Civil Justice; Transportation, Tourism and Economic Development; General Government; and Health and Human Services.

-- The Senate Community Affairs Committee will consider new regulations for the para-sailing industry. Sen. Maria Lorts Sachs, a Delray Beach Democract, filed the bill after deadly accidents in several counties.

-- The Florida House will debate a proposal that would extend Stand Your Ground protection to people who fire a warning shot. HB 89 has bi-partisan support and more than 40 co-sponsors. Another gun bill will be on the House floor: the so-called Pop-Tart bill. HB 7029 would protect a child's right to nibble toaster pasties into pistols while at school.

-- The lower chamber will also take up an effort to extend in-state tuition rates to some undocumented students (HB 851). Expect to see some amendments that would bring the bill closer to the version in the Senate.

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