Beach vet helped ease loss of pet

March 19, 2014 

I would like to thank Dr. Luke Berglund of Beach Vet Clinic for his compassion shown while putting down our 11-year old pug, Pugsley.

I didn't expect anything less from Dr. Luke; he is an awesome veterinarian. Three months ago, Pugsley was diagnosed with a brain tumor. We watched as his activities slowed, and his awesome self-taught I love you Mama greeting at 5:30 p.m. was less frequent. His prognosis was six months.

Any dog owner should be a responsible dog owner, so when Pugsley woke this past Saturday refusing food and water, and struggling to remain upright, we made the call. If you are a pet owner, please be a responsible pet owner. Don't let your fears blind you from helping a sick, failing pet.

Pugsley was given a muscle relaxant and fell asleep in my arms, pug-snoring peacefully. Dr. Luke gave us time alone to say our goodbyes. Dr. Luke then administered the purple shot and Pugsley didn't even flinch. It was over in 30 seconds.

Those who know our family know that, yes, we crazy people have three other pugs in our home. But there will only be one Pugsley.

Marie Gentle


Councilman Gallo disputes column about One Stop

Vin Mannix's opinion column on Sunday is just that. He starts off with saying that Gene Brown, Gene Gallo and Bemis Smith have never been in the One Stop Center. What he failed to tell you, he writes this article without calling and talking to any one of us. Nor have I seen him at any council meeting in years, especially this one.

We are not trying to cause any problems for the One Stop. The vote was to see if they followed the stipulation that was with the original approval. They are not permitted any growth in that area. They even said, "If we grow we go."

Homeless issues are in the entire county; all who need serving cannot come to Bradenton. I was approached Friday night in Demetrio's parking lot by a lady who touched my heart. I asked about the One Stop; she cannot get there. This is a scenario all over Manatee, and we should have satellite centers throughout the county to assist them.

Believe me when I tell you that they do a great job. I do not have to go inside to know that. So, Vin, don't slam us around writing an article that you know nothing about. We deal with his issue frequently, as business people around the area are very concerned. If I wrote about some of the things that they see happening you would be very surprised, or maybe not!

Councilman Gene Gallo


Herald's report shedslight on county fiasco

I applaud the Bradenton Herald's investigative reporting and story on the Napier Animal Rescue Fiasco. This hard-hitting story reveals some information on some of Manatee County's suspicious actions taken in the faltering no-kill efforts led by Commissioner Carol Whitmore.

I have been one of few voices in Manatee County that have tried to shine a light on the negative devastating affect that Whitmore's no-kill program has on county residents, animals and, last but certainly not least, our songbirds that are being killed by the thousands every year right here in friendly Manatee County.

In pursuit of the no-kill ribbon, the commissioners are OK with the dumping and abandoning of hundreds of unwanted cats onto our streets and neighborhoods. Dumping and abandoning is animal cruelty, and against the law.

The commissioners are also OK with the fact that these cats kill thousands of Manatee County songbirds every year. Some are native and some are migratory songbirds who winter here, never to fly home again. I am a solo voice as I attempt to speak on behalf of the birds, since the Manatee Audubon Society under the current president's leadership refuses to stand up for the songbirds in our county.

The Herald's story peels back the edge of the scab that covers the festering sore under the scab that is Manatee Animal Control as it exists today. Many good people work for Animal Control, but they must do as instructed or lose their job.

All citizens should remember that this is an election year and, if you are against animal cruelty and the killing of songbirds, then don't vote for Commissioner Whitmore's re-election.

Songbirds add to our quality of life, and all of us should raise our voices and demand that the slaughter of our songbirds be stopped. Save-our-birds comments can be emailed to

Mike Horning


Manatee absentee voters deserve free postage

I could not agree more with Timothy Rhoades' view that Manatee County should pay postage on absentee votes. Since Mike Bennett pulled several of the county's polling places, he is saving money.

But he needs to step up and help out people who maybe now can't make it across town to vote somewhere else. It would be nice for the people getting absentee votes to be able to have free postage on the ballot.

I think this would be much more appealing to the voters and very fair since we are just around the corner from voting. Like Mr. Rhoades stated, let's do it this time around and see how it works and then we will know how to approach the future. Great advice, Mr. Rhoades.

Hopefully the county will agree with your viewpoint.

Tammy Spivey-Bralley


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