Dr. Luke's compassion eased loss of loved pet

March 19, 2014 

I would like to thank Dr. Luke Berglund of Beach Vet Clinic for his compassion shown while putting down our 11-year old pug, Pugsley.

I didn't expect anything less from Dr. Luke; he is an awesome veterinarian. Three months ago, Pugsley was diagnosed with a brain tumor. We watched as his activities slowed, and his awesome self-taught I love you Mama greeting at 5:30 p.m. was less frequent. His prognosis was six months.

Any dog owner should be a responsible dog owner, so when Pugsley woke this past Saturday refusing food and water, and struggling to remain upright, we made the call. If you are a pet owner, please be a responsible pet owner. Don't let your fears blind you from helping a sick, failing pet.

Pugsley was given a muscle relaxant and fell asleep in my arms, pug-snoring peacefully. Dr. Luke gave us time alone to say our goodbyes. Dr. Luke then administered the purple shot and Pugsley didn't even flinch. It was over in 30 seconds.

Those who know our family know that, yes, we crazy people have three other pugs in our home. But there will only be one Pugsley.

Marie Gentle


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