Shufflin' | History in the making at Palmetto Shuffle Club

March 18, 2014 

Wednesday will be a unique day in the history of the Southwest Coast District. For the first time ever, the District Amateur Masters and the District Open Masters will be held at the same time and place.

Palmetto Shuffle Club will host the combined event Wednesday through noon Saturday (barring rainstorms). This is also the first time the same Masters Committee is in charge. Previously, a District Amateur Committee held its tournament at one location and the Open Masters Committee held forth at a different time and place. Now one committee holds both tournaments with one budget at one location.

Palmetto has bleachers and a sterling reputation as a host club. All is in order for a grand event. All are welcome. Palmetto has plenty of parking. Play will begin at 9 a.m. Wednesday. Quality food at reasonable prices is available to competitors, workers, and spectators.

The players list is not yet finalized at press deadline.

Tournament results

• FL P-24A, March 10 at Clearwater. Ladies -- 15 teams. Main: 3. Nancy Sclafani. Consolation; 1. Shirley McCullough-Marilyn Everett, 4. Pat Batdorff-Pam Nurnberger. Men -- 15 teams. Main: 2. Ira Snook-Larry Mardis, 3. Jerry Everett-Dwayne Cross. Consolation: 2. George Godson-Mike Marquis.

• FL P-24B, March 10 at Avon Park. Ladies -- 20 teams. Main: 1. Judy Taylor. Consolation: 4. Dianne Leonard-Letha DeVries. Men -- 39 teams. Main: 2. John L. Brown, 3. Mel Erb-Dave Kudro, 4. Jerry Stannard. Consolation: 3. Ron Nurnberger-Larry Taylor.

• FL A-21B, March 10 at Clearwater. Any Amateurs/Any Doubles. Consolation: 1. Wolter Bootsma-Bill Comford.

• SWCD D-20, March 13 at Trailer Estates. Mixed Doubles -- 47 teams. Main: 1. Marilyn and Jerry Everett, 2. Larry Mardis-Alice Barlow, 3. Arlene McCague-Phil Booher, 4. Terri Smith-Dave Kudro. Consolation: 1. Jim Miller-Judy Taylor, 2. Jerry Stannard-Siggy Gudzus, 3. Ed and Dianne Leonard, 4. Ralph and Carol Butcher.

• SWCD A-15, March 14 at Trailer Estates. Any Amateurs/Any Doubles -- 19 teams. Main: 1. Tony DeLuca-Don Webster, 2. Mary and Dick Pierce, 3. Tammy Heppeard-Delmer Kohorst, 4. Eleanor Bart-Phil Krick. Consolation: 1. Tom and Cheryl Putnam, 2. Linden Terwilliger-Lydia Yoder, 3. Betty Sparks- Carol McLeod, 4. Gary and Pamela White.

Future tournaments

• Tuesday is the second day of FL P-25 at Lakeland, Open M/L Doubles, 75 points. Also second day of FL A-22 at St. Cloud, Any Amateurs/Any Doubles, 75 points.

• Wednesday, Combined District Amateurs and Open Masters at Palmetto.

• March 24, FL P-26 at Clearwater, Tournament of Champions, Pros only, M/L Walking and Non-Walking, must qualify. Eligible: One Upper Division First Place Open State Tournament in a lifetime; also Second through Fourth in the Main, past two seasons. Also any place, including consolation this season, all in Pro (Open) State Tournaments.


The Shuffle School at Spanish Lakes has twice been postponed. It will be held at 9:30 a.m. Saturday at 1340 N. Tamiami Trail in Nokomis.

Happy shuffling.


March 12


Colony Cove 8.5, Bradenton Tropical Palms 6.5; Golf Lakes 8, Seabreeze 7; Palmetto 8, Golf Lakes 7; Paradise Bay 9, Seabreeze 6; Village on the Green 8, Mt. Vernon 7.Three-game winnersParadise Bay -- Jerry Everett & Ken Buchanan.

Palmetto -- Terry Heppeard & Marian Erwin.

Golf Lakes -- Mike & Margaret Gibbons.Final standings1. Bradenton Tropical Palms 130, 2. Paradise Bay 124, 3. Colony Cove 107.5, 4. Village on the Green 105, 5. Seabreeze 102.5, 6. Golf Lakes 99, 7. Palmetto 96, 8. Mt. Vernon 75.5.SUNCOAST SHUFFLE LEAGUE

March 10-11

Heather Hills Tournament


MainFloridana -- Doug & Millie Breathat, Royce Fluney & Laverna Caswell.

Bayshore Windmill Village -- John Clontz & Richard Perrotte.

Heather Hills -- Jan Gorsuch & K. Marnter.ConsolationHeather Hills -- Bonnie Iler & Ivan McMillen, Dennis Bidlack & Diana Hugg.

Floridana -- Beverly Jarnol & Linday Andry, Jim Cramton & Don Innes.

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