Thanks to motorists for apprehending hit-run driver

March 18, 2014 

My wife and I were on our way to the Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall on March 13 looking forward to another great concert experience featuring Aaron Neville. We never got there!

Less than a half mile from our home travelling south on 75th Street NW out of Catalina subdivision came a black pickup truck. My wife shouted, "They are not going to stop at the stop sign."

All I can remember was a loud bang followed by loss of control of our car resulting in being spinned around to see the truck that hit us fleeing the scene. A split second earlier would have resulted in a direct hit with a possible roll-over, injuries or possible death.

A good Samaritan, Frank Schultz, who narrowly also missed being hit, turned his vehicle around and pursued the pickup truck and got it stopped.

Unfortunately, for this hit-and-run driver they drove into the closed-loop Cimarron community, stopped to switch drivers and met Frank at the only exit.

My wife and I are fine, thank God. In perspective, a couple of bad people caused an accident and went to jail, but at least a dozen good people in northwest Bradenton came to our aid and willingly submitted witness statements to the police.

Thank you, Frank and Brian and many others from Cimarron who came to our aid.

Gary Stevens


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