Holmes Beach man charged with attempted murder in stabbing, slashing of roommate

Posted by HERALD STAFF REPORT on March 17, 2014 

Andrew Helderman

HOLMES BEACH -- A 23-year-old man was charged with attempted murder after he stabbed and slashed a woman's neck in an apartment they were temporarily sharing in Holmes Beach, according to police.

When the first Holmes Beach officer arrived on the scene about 2:30 a.m. Saturday, the attacker, Andrew J. Helderman, was straddling the woman, and a knife was sticking out of the victim's neck. Helderman surrendered when the officer threatened to shoot him if he didn't stop, according to a probable cause affidavit filed by police.

"He immediately complied and when he looked up, the pupils of both of his eyes were extremely dilated, indicating that he may be under the influence of some type of illegal substance, and had a 'wild' look in them," the report states.

Helderman, who lost part of his ear when another roommate used a shower curtain rod to try to stop the attack on the woman, is charged with attempted murder and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. He is being held without bond at the Manatee County jail.

The victim's father told the Bradenton Herald that his daughter's neck and face were slashed, and that hundreds of stitches were needed to close her wounds.

Police said the victim allowed Helderman to temporarily live with her about two or three weeks ago at her apartment in the 300 block of Clark Drive, police said.

Early Saturday, Helderman grabbed the woman around the neck from the front and held a knife to her back in the bathroom of the apartment.

The other roomate tried to stop Helderman by using his cell phone to record the attack, police said.

"Meanwhile, as the male victim tried to move closer to help her, the defendant either sliced at or lunged at him with the knife, causing the male victim to retreat," the report states.

"When the defendant actually started to cut and stab the female victim, the male victim grabbed the shower rod from the bathroom and proceeded to strike the defendant numerous times about the head and body in an attempt to make him stop attacking the female victim," the report states.

Unable to stop Helderman, the man then called 911. Meanwhile, he continued hitting Helderman with the shower rod.

The first responding officer found a bloody scene in the bathroom.

"Your affiant kicked the door open and observed the defendant straddling the female victim, who was lying face up in the tub and covered in blood, and ordered the defendant to put his hands up," the report states.

After leading Helderman at gunpoint to the living room, where a sheriff's deputy handcuffed Helderman, the officer returned to the bathroom.

"Upon re-entering the bathroom, your affiant immediately noticed a black handle folding-blade medium-sized pocket knife protruding from the right side of the neck area of the female victim with blood to starting to pool under it," the report states. "Your affiant told her not to touch it, as it was protruding from the area of her right cartoid artery area, until EMS could get there."

Paramedics determined that the knife had not hit the artery, and were able to remove the knife, police said.

The victim and Helderman were taken to the hospital.

The victim had multiple stab wounds, and Helderman was treated for a head laceration, "a portion of his right ear being ripped off by getting hit with the shower rod," and unknown internal injuries.

Helderman was later released from the hospital and booked in at the jail.

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