Innocent Lost: Draven Ramos

March 16, 2014 

Draven Ramos, 2 months

BORN: July 7, 2009

DIED: August 31, 2009

CAUSE OF DEATH: Suffocation


HIS STORY: Even though Draven Ramos' mother was a licensed practical nurse whose training might have taught her to do otherwise, she placed her 7-week-old son on his tummy for a nap one summer morning in 2009. When the woman, Gold Beck, checked on him five hours later after watching a movie and falling asleep herself, Draven had suffocated.

Beck was tested for drugs and came up positive for opiates, but said that she had been prescribed painkillers after being hurt in an accident. At the time, child protection investigators were looking into a report filed two weeks earlier that the family's four children were being neglected by their father, Eric Ramos, and that he and Beck had a history of domestic violence. It was one of three reports filed about the family before Draven's death.

Ramos, who looked after the children while their mother worked 12-hour shifts three times a week, was described to DCF as a less than assiduous caretaker. "He would not change their diapers, would not bathe them and would not brush their hair and teeth," the report to DCF said. It added that Ramos had stolen his wife's pain medication because "he likes the way it makes him feel," but did not give Draven medicine for his thrush and did not take action when another of his children had a fever of 104.

Ramos was said also to have "busted the mother's nose" in an earlier incident. The case was closed in September 2009 with "no indicator findings" that family violence threatened the children or that there was substance misuse or medical neglect.

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