Innocent Lost: Naomi Petit-Homme

March 16, 2014 

Naomi Petit-Homme, 9 months

BORN: August 2, 2008

DIED: April 23, 2009

CAUSE OF DEATH: Skull fracture


HER STORY: Naomi Petit-Homme's 19-year-old mother, Takiera Jackson, had already had a child removed from her care during what DCF called her "extensive" history with the agency, all of it redacted until Naomi's death. The file does say that the older child's removal had been prompted by Jackson's lack of a job and a home, and because the child was medically neglected.

When Naomi was born in August 2008, the agency said Jackson had "matured a great deal" and was "doing very well overall," and the agency did not, apparently, offer additional services to Jackson beyond those she had already used.

The case file that was opened at Naomi's birth was closed in October 2008, a month before Jackson met Alfredo Hudson Jr., a 20-year-old semi-pro football player who weighed 300 pounds.

On April 22, 2009, Hudson was taking a shower with the baby when, he said, she suddenly began "choking and gasping for air" and vomited. When he picked Naomi up, he said, she wasn't breathing. "Nothing sounds right" about that explanation, someone noted in the child's file after she had been rushed to a hospital. Naomi had a fractured skull and blunt impact wounds to her torso.

After much prevaricating, Hudson admitted to having shaken the child "back and forth about seven times" while demanding that she stop crying. He said also that he had dropped the baby in the shower at least twice. Hudson, who is serving an 18-year term for second-degree murder, bears several tattoos in prison, among them "R.I.P. Naomi" and "Only God Can Judge Me."

An assessment of DCF's actions conceded that, in retrospect, Naomi's mother "may have benefited from ongoing child-welfare services," but that, either way, "they would not have prevented the child's death."

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