Student fund-raising brings concerns about state priorities

March 16, 2014 

A few days ago three very polite young elementary school girls came to our door and stated that they were trying to raise money for school books and supplies.

This immediately made me wonder where my tax dollars were going and what was the state doing with the millions of dollars in lottery ticket sales that they take in every week. Something is wrong here.

The red-light camera controversy continues. To the careless, inconsiderate idiots who complain about the cameras and the fines they receive for breaking the law and being a serious threat to people and property, the solution is quite simple. Stop running red lights! Any questions?

To the people who blame fast-food restaurants for making them and/or their children overweight, there is another simple solution. Stop going there to eat! Wow, how hard is that to understand?

I used to shrug it off when I heard the term "the dumbing down of America." Not these days.

Or perhaps it is just time for more people to start taking responsibility for their own actions instead of blaming something or someone else for what they do that has negative results.

One final thought, for those who say "I hate rich people." Question: Who do you think pays the taxes that enables the government to provide you with your food stamps and welfare checks?

No answer will be provided. You will have to figure this one out for yourself.

David Altenbach


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