Heather Hills shuffleboard dispute not portrayed accurately

March 15, 2014 

Regarding the Herald's March 4 report on the Heather Hills shuffling dispute, we residents are not the ones who failed to follow legal rules.

The owners claim of suffering "tremendous liability" is false. Every shuffler, who has shuffled in our park all year without signing a waiver of liability, was required to sign such a waiver at the time of registration as a precondition to being allowed to participate in the season's end tournament.

In addition, our Property Owner's Association (POA) carries a $2 million liability policy to protect the owners of the clubhouse and shuffle courts.

Regarding the POA's attempt to purchase the Heather Hills amenities from the previous owners, we were never made an offer to purchase it for $1.5 million.

The facts are that after we discovered what appeared to be an illegal sale to a third party, we exercised mutually agreed upon rights to assume the terms of that sale at a purchase price of nearly $2.2 million, raised by $975,000 to complete the transaction only to have the owners sue us to avoid closing the sale.

We have not instituted lawsuits but have been forced to spend thousands of dollars defending ourselves against those who desire to destroy our association for selfish gains.

The true objections to the shuffling tournament appears to be two-fold: to prevent our POA from earning a small profit from selling lunches, and that the POA stands in the way of the owner's stated goal of trying to transform our subdivision from being resident owned to being a rental park.

Marty Staal


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