Extend yellow at red-light camera intersections

March 14, 2014 

To run the red light or not to run the red light, that is the question. But that's not the problem.

Accidents at intersections are seldom caused by drivers purposefully running a red light. More often, the driver is running the yellow light in anticipation of the red.

Sometimes he wins, sometimes he loses.

The red-light camera will likely catch him, but for what purpose -- to prevent future violations or to raise money?

If the goal is to prevent accidents and injury, there is a better way. Since most violators are trying to beat the yellow rather than running the red, let's give the intersection a chance to clear by delaying the green light two or three seconds of all red in all directions.

That should give the yellow runners a chance to get through without hitting anything and in turn save others from being hit.

Red-light cameras can still catch blatant violators, but at least a wreck can be prevented. Seems like a simple solution to a real problem. Won't hurt to try it.

Doug Egger


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