Police officer earns thanks for assistance

March 13, 2014 

Police officer earns thanks for assistance

So often we're quick to criticize, but slow to commend.

Last Thursday, March 6, I was driving in that terrible rain storm trying to locate my friend's home, here to celebrate my 85th birthday with a few high school friends (class of 1947).

Since I'm from Florida's East Coast and not familiar with Bradenton, I got lost. I stopped, asked directions, drove for hours, but with no success.

Finally, I spotted a Bradenton police car, parked, got out of my car, and tapped on the police car window.

"Could you help me?" I pleaded.

Lt. James Wilkinson didn't hesitate! He immediately obtained information needed, called my friend to tell her that I was OK, and that he would guide me safely to her home.

Angels are everywhere, and some of them are police officers. Thank you, Lt. Wilkinson.

Dari deStefano

Vero Beach

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