Sheriff's divers search Manatee River for evidence in homicide

Posted by AMARIS CASTILLO on March 12, 2014 

Manatee County Sheriff's Office divers Wednesday morning were searching the Manatee River for evidence in a homicide case, according to Bradenton police.

A section of the Riverwalk was blocked off with yellow caution tape and two boats from the county’s office floated near the bridge.

On one boat, two divers were seen preparing to go under water and jumped in at 9:28 am.

Both stayed submerged until 9:36 am. Nearby, a small yellow cylindrical marker floated in the water.

Divers went under water again at 9:39 am and searched for evidence around the center span of the Green Bridge. They then split up, one diver moving directly under the bridge. A third boat joined the other two at 9:51 am.

Bradenton police Deputy Chief Warren T. Merriman III said the search was connected to the investigation of a homicide.

The exact case was not disclosed.

“The Manatee County Sheriff’s Office is assisting us with recovering evidence for an ongoing investigation on a homicide,” Merriman said.

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