Heather Hills board hurt by barrage of lawsuits

March 12, 2014 

Heather Hills board hurt by barrage of lawsuits

This letter is in reference to the March 4 Heather Hills article.

The quote by Chris Stephens that Keith Starkey offered the clubhouse and amenities to the homeowners association is absolutely false. The association repeatedly asked Starkey if he would sell, only to be told it was not for sale.

The association discovered he had a sale pending without offering it to the residents first. We immediately demanded our first right of refusal to purchase, which is protected by Florida law.

The association raised over $1 million in two months and proceeded with the purchase.

We went to closing only to discover, when the Starkeys failed to show, they had no intention of closing on the sale and sued the association claiming that we were not a legal 723 homeowners association and not entitled to move forward with the sale.

He kept the association in court for several years during which time we incurred hundreds of thousands of dollars in defending association members. At no time did we sue the Starkeys or the Stephens. We have always had to pay for defending our homeowners against their lawsuits.

All these years of legal battles might have been avoided if management had acted in a fair and civil manner towards the residents of this lovely community.

Sadly, when management became angry at the board of directors, our park began enduring a continued atmosphere of stress and extreme difficulties that no senior neighborhood should be exposed to.

Our residents enjoy great friendships and many happy events in spite of the unkind efforts to destroy their peace. May we continue to take the high road regardless of the hurdles that are placed in our path?

Linda Doepker


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