No need to block school board hopeful from Twitter

March 12, 2014 

No need to block school board hopeful from Twitter

The last time I checked, Twitter was a social media site, and the Manatee County School District was trying to be more transparent. As of right now, I have been blocked from the Twitter account of the school district due to the fact I included them in a tweet that was of the inspirational type. No negativity, no propaganda, no campaign solicitation as they expressed to me was in the case detailed in their March 4 letter to me.

Yes, I am running for the school board, and I believe that all Manatee County residents should have access, no matter if they are running a campaign or not. I do understand the blocking of someone who is spreading negative propaganda or is promoting violence. Those who know me know this is not in my character.

Social media is becoming a lifeline for most of America and a great tool for local and state government agencies to use. In the present state of our school district, this is a moment that can be used to boost morale and share positive insights in, which I did. The school district needs all the positive support and encouragement it can muster. Which is what I am promoting and encouraging so the future of this School District will work together with the residents to achieve the goal of a top rated School District.

Carlton Les Nichols


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