Stand-your-ground law merits defense other laws

March 12, 2014 

Stand-your-ground law merits defense other laws

There is again an effort to eliminate the stand-your-ground law (in Florida, led by the highly regarded, trustworthy, oh so reliable, Al Sharpton). If this were done, what would be the alternative?

It would have to be the duty-to-retreat law. What would be the consequence of that?

As an example: If you are attacked by a mugger, the law would hold that you are required to not defend yourself but to retreat from that threat.

Suppose you are old like me and can't run away fast enough and are caught and injured or, heaven forbid, you actually injure the attacker.

Who is responsible for those injuries? Why, you are -- because you did not retreat fast enough to avoid them. Unlikely?Expect to see a court defense on these grounds by the attacker about five minutes after a duty to retreat law comes into effect.

Still not convinced? Remember that Eric Holder is in charge of our national justice system.

Peter Stasiowski


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