Federal chickpea funding a sign of waste

March 11, 2014 

The March 2 Bradenton Herald had an article on page 5A about hummus driving a rapid growth in chickpea farming in southeastern Washington and Idaho driven by the exponential growth in consumption of hummus by the health conscious folks.

Another benefit of chickpea farming is the low amount of water required to grow the crop.

In this same article is a one sentence paragraph stating that $25 million per year for five years was allocated in the recently passed farm bill to study the health benefits of pulse crops such as Chickpeas.

Come on, really? $25 million? I wonder whose pockets are getting fattened by this study.

This is just one small example of all the pork, greed graft, etc., that has run up local/state and the federal government deficits that are approved by our politicos -- just one more reason to wipe the slate clean with new people voted in to run our governing bodies and invoke term limits and get people in office that will pass legislation that are for the benefit of all and not just a few!

Yeah I know, I'm just dreaming!

P.S. obviously it wouldn't be Alex Sink or David Jolly considering all the mud they're slinging at each other

Dan Wiggins


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