Heather Hills Estates needs better management

March 11, 2014 

I am writing in regards to the Heather Hills Estates Inc., located at 4925 Third St. W. in Bradenton.

I have been an owner and resident of Heather Hills Estates for the past 14 years. The latest abusive attack on the residents of Heather Hills Estates by the current owners of the subdivision amenities, Rick and Chris Stephens, LLC, has been brought to the attention of the media in a front-page article in the March 4 Herald.

Each homeowner in Heather Hills Estates owns their property and pays county property taxes and an annual assessment to be able to use the amenities in Heather Hills Estates. Totally the residents pay in excess of $220,000 each year plus the use of the utilities, which are also owned by Rick and Chris Stephens, LLC. We continue to be told that they do not have to account for the money collected from us.

The shuffleboard courts are maintained and repaired by the residents with their money and their labor to keep the courts in excellent playing condition.

This year we have been required to provide toilet paper and clean the bathrooms because management of Heather Hills refuses to supply these necessities.

The shuffleboard tournament has been held on these shuffleboard courts for over 35 years.

This year, the management ordered the residents to stop allowing the annual tournament of the neighboring parks to continue to happen. They called the Manatee County Sheriff's Offfice to have the group of female senior citizens to be removed from the premises.

Fortunately, the sheriff's representative had the authority to stop the eviction and allow the tournament to continue.

The management of Heather Hills has stopped the residents from conducting their annual patio sale in the clubhouse for the past three years and has forced the residents to hold the sale in residents' carports along the county streets, a privilege we have enjoyed for over 35 years. The language from the owners of Heather Hills Estates management, Rick and Chris Stephens, LLC, has been abusive and the treatment of these senior citizens is abusive and must stop.

Ivan McMillen,

Heather Hills, Bradenton

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