Shufflin' | Setting the record straight on district officers

March 11, 2014 

Last week's column inadvertently omitted from the list of new Southwest Coast District officers Joan Irwin as the newly elected secretary. Joan is a member of the Palmetto Shuffle Club and is already a proven leader, having given influence in the terrific job last year preparing for the Florida Masters, as well as many other good things for the benefit of this great sport.

• Word is received from Ontario of the passing of Ray Seguin, of late a member with his wife, Gloria, at Golf Lakes. The Seguins played vigorously for many years until this decade, when health issues restricted their regularity.

• The Shuffle School previously announced for Spanish Lakes at 1340 N. Tamiami Trail, Nokomis, was postponed until this coming Saturday at 9:30 a.m. due to rain delay of SWCD D-19, rendering school staff unavailable last Saturday. Students are welcome on March 15.

• Debate is ongoing on the future of shuffleboard. The SWCD Roofover Research Committee continues to advocate for the establishment of a permanent Roofover site and where best to locate it.

• The ongoing search for harmony and cooperation among partisans of league play and those of tournament preferences never cease. This column cares about both and works for compromise and progress. Honesty and frankness are encouraged.

• At Olympics time, many question how curling got in and shuffleboard failed. Curling modified their rules to become more interesting and more television-friendly. Shuffleboard remained unacceptable to the IOC because of the gulf of difference between Western and Eastern play divided by the Mississippi longitude in North America. Candidly, Florida proved as inflexible as California and Arizona.

Tournament results

• FL P-23A, March 3 at Fort Pierce, 25 Men's Teams. Men Main: 4. Dave Kudro. Consolation: 4. Jerry Stannard.

• FL P-23B at Zephyrhills Betmar, March 3, 51 Men's Teams. Men Main 3. Dwayne Cross, 4. Larry Taylor-Ron Nurnberger. Consolation: 2. John L. Brown-Gerry Curwin. Ladies Main, 31 teams: 4. Terri Smith.

• FL A-20B at Lee County, Monday March 3, 36 teams, Any Amateurs/Any Doubles. Main 4. Don Gray-Terry Wright. Consolation: 1. Wolter Bootsma-Bill Comford.

• SWCD D-19 at Palmetto, Thursday, March 6, Minimum One District Amateur on Every Team, 33 Teams, Ladies Main: 1. Joyce Marquis-Pauline Roland, 2. Alice Barlow-Tammy Heppeard, 3. Bonnie Walker-Judy Cross, 4. Rita Coy-Cheryl Putnam. Consolation: 1. Erika Berg-Sue Peterman, 2. Pat Tomko-Kay Lynne Duncan 3. Pam Nurnberger-Pamela Carr, 4. Bet Pitts-Betty Sparks. 48 Men's Teams, Men: 1. Jerry Everett-Steve Biscontine, 2. Dwayne Cross-Lloyd Schmidt, 3. Bob Kendall-Bill Hickman, 4. Faren VanDeGrift-Alvin Cunningham. Consolation: 1. Jerry Stannard-Paul Johnson, 2. Jerry Rahl-Patrick Raleigh, 3. Phil Booher-Henry Piccard, 4. Vern Wallingford-Gary Hartzler.

Future tournaments

• Tuesday is the second day of FL P-24A at Clearwater, P-24B at Avon Park. Also FL A-21A at Melbourne Tropical Haven and FL A-21B at Clearwater. Any Amateurs/Any Doubles.

• Thursday at Trailer Estates, SWCD D-20, Open Mixed Doubles. Friday, SWCD A-15 Any Amateurs/Any Doubles. These tournaments at Trailer Estates this week are the last regularly scheduled Southwest Coast District tournaments. The Open Master and District Amateur Masters will follow next week beginning Wednesday, March 19 at Palmetto. District Amateur Masters players will earn move up points during the Masters - 1 point in places 1 through 4 in the Masters; ½ point in places 5-8.

Happy shuffling.


March 5


Golf Lakes 8, Seabreeze 7; Bradenton Tropical Palms 11, Mt. Vernon 4; Paradise Bay 11, Colony Cove 4; Village on the Green 12, Palmetto 3.Three-game winnersBradenton Tropical Palms -- Winston Fillier & Russ Spoto, Don Pennell & Pat Bublitz.

Golf Lakes -- Paul Maille & Jim Bishop.

Paradise Bay -- Jerry Everett & Dian Darrah, Steve Biscontine & Bernie Broda.

Seabreeze -- Jim & Adriana Cramton.

Village on the Green -- Glen Faist & Pierre Boucher; Sandy Kosalinski & Beth Hatch.Standings1. Bradenton Tropical Palms 125, 2. Paradise Bay 115, 3. Colony Cove 99, 4. Village on the Green 97, 5. Seabreeze 96.5, 6. Golf Lakes 92, 7. Palmetto 88, 8. Mt. Vernon 68.5.SUNCOAST SHUFFLETTES

March 3-4

Heather Hills tournament winnersMain -- 1. Millie Breathat, 2. Laverna Caswell, 3. Pam Carr, 4. Jan Gorsuch.

Consolation -- 1. Erma Yonker, 2. Ethel Michel, 3. Donna Marzouk, 4. Janice O'Sullivan.

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