Add red-light cameras to curb torrent of traffic law violations

March 8, 2014 


Sgt. Mike Kenyan with the Manatee County Sheriff's Office traffic enforcement unit reviews a video for a notice of a red light violation. Kenyan is one of the examiners who reviews red light violations caught on red light cameras in Manatee County. GRANT JEFFERIES/Bradenton Herald


Traffic law enforcement is the hardest thing to do for any agency.

I recently sat in the straight lane northbound on 14th Street West at Cortez Road at 7:55 a.m. awaiting the light to change to green.

I counted 12 out of 13 cars pulling up alongside of me in the turn lane not make a complete stop on red to turn right onto Cortez Road. Most didn't even get under 10 mph to navigate and make the turn since the traffic on Cortez eastbound was stopped by the light.

People complain about the red light cameras. I say put one on every corner.

My insurance is high due to the others out there taking risk and violating the law.

I have driven over 1.5 million miles in my life in seven different countries and have a clean record to show for it because I obey the traffic laws.

I challenge anyone out there to sit next to me in my car for a nice ride around the county and listen to me tell you all the violations I see as we go.

Pete Rifner


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