Religion as cover for discrimination against gays

March 6, 2014 

Right-wing extremist Christian politicians in several states have created, and attempted to pass legislation, to shield business owners from litigation preemptively (so they say), who for religious reasons deny services to people that are members of the LGBT community.

It is an obvious attempt to codify legal discrimination against the LGBT community.

If a business owner's religious beliefs define homosexual behavior as sinful, those beliefs probably include and define other types of human behaviors as sinful -- such as persons who divorce; those having sex outside of marriage; men and women who use birth control; women who have an abortion; or an unwed mother; men and women who are committing adultery; and those who follow non-Christian religions, have agnostic beliefs, atheistic beliefs, or pagan practices, etc.

Couldn't all of these "behaviors," or "differences," be defined as sinful or objectionable to some person's religious beliefs?

Instead of protecting religious belief, such legislation would create a legal maelstrom, and potential widening of hateful discrimination in our communities.

I ask, why are LGBT people's sins (if so defined) singled out for special attention?

The person on whom Christianity is founded, Jesus, said: "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone."

I add, on that occasion according to the Gospel, Jesus himself did not cast a stone.

Sandra J. Gander


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