First lady's 'Tonight Show' appearance was enjoyable

March 5, 2014 

Is the first lady degrading herself?

A recent letter writer said that Michelle Obama, the wife of President Obama, appeared in a "foolish, humorless skit" when she appeared on the Jimmy Fallon's "Tonight Show." The critique offered by the writer said Mrs. Obama "degraded herself and her position as first lady in being a part of a second-rate TV show."

This was the personal opinion of that letter to the editor writer, and I doubt that feeling was reflected in the ratings.

Personally, I enjoyed the skit and found Mrs. Obama's participation humorous, well presented to most viewers, and certainly not humiliating to our first lady.

She has a sense of humor, involves herself with what is happening today and the comedic choices by young people (and some of us older citizens).

Times are changing, and the actions, language, and story lines common in movies and television that shocked most of us years ago are within the uncensored "norms" today.

I feel that Mrs. Obama did not step outside of her dignity by appearing on that show, and she continues to highlight and encourage people to exercise, choose healthy foods, and "keep it moving."

We have the right to watch or not watch shows presented for public consumption. Don't take life so seriously and lighten up.

"Ew!" (the name of the skit).

Dolores A. Sauer


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