Manatee County school district on track with new technology

March 4, 2014 

Upgrading technology is important for increasing productivity and producing a better product. The Manatee County school district has had a long history of moving very slowly to adapt to new technology, but there are signs of change in the air.

At our school we are moving over to a central network designed to eventually connect every school, teacher and student to one system that covers the entire district.

Sharing information will be just a click away and I foresee great leaps forward in increasing what our teachers and students can accomplish.

Truly, this is something that we have dreamed of for a long time in making education a 24/7 process that takes place anywhere at any time.

Information that was on the computer in the classroom will follow the user everywhere and eliminate the "I forgot and left my project at home" that is so common.

Connecting the entire district together is a huge job as every computer has to be redone to make the system work.

At Braden River High we were fortunate to have Greg Coker leading the work, and he has bent over backwards to make sure that many hundreds of computers are working perfectly. The district is lucky to have someone like Greg, who puts so much into his work in moving us to a new technology age in 2014.

Dan Crumpler


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