Two dogs worth sparing from death penalty

March 4, 2014 

Please don't let these former therapy dogs be killed!

Two Australian shepherds likely have less than a few days to live. Please, Manatee County, make your voices heard today about this injustice!

Buck and Bill are former therapy dogs who gave love and comfort to human beings in their time of need. Don't let human beings desert these dogs in their own time of need! Don't let human beings take the lives of these dogs!

The home of these dogs and their owner is a farm over 250 miles from Manatee County. Owner Karen Erskine has promised the dogs will live under restriction and never set foot in this county again.

Anyone who might doubt this woman should look at her history as a national dog trainer, and at her record of community service, being required to do 87 hours of community service in lieu of monetary fines. Karen actually completed more than 400 hours of service.

During over a year of "arrest confinement," Buck and Bill showed no aggression at all, although they see their "human" only once a week, due to distance. Is it fair to declare them dangerous and kill them because of one lone problem in the many years of their lives?

This aggression was totally out of character for Buck and Bill. A highly trained, gentle and loving dog, with no history of aggression, normally bites only in the line of defense.

It's my opinion, and also the owner's, that some type of provocation caused the dogs to bite and behave totally out-of-character!

A dog's only defense is its mouth when it feels it must protect its home. I think this is what happened with these two faithful dogs.

Let the new judge weighing the decision, Charles Sniffen, know your feelings! We don't want our county to be responsible for this injustice!

Pegi H. Larson


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