Human solutions to climate change essential

March 3, 2014 

Thank you for the article covering the drought in California and the link between the draught and climate change. Climate change cannot be directly linked to any one weather event but it is related to changing weather patterns (climate).

There is a scientist consensus that climate change is real and it is largely attributed to human activity. Climate change is caused by the increase in greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

The human production of the greenhouse gas is carbon dioxide. The exhaustion from burning fossil fuels puts carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. That pollution builds up and stays in the atmosphere for generations.

The draught in California affects Democrats, independents and Republicans.

Hurricane Sandy disrupted the lives of millions of people without the regard to political party.

The total cost of the super storm was $65 billion dollars. That will be our cost, you and me, in federal disaster relief and increased insurance rates.

Climate change is costing you money today, and it will cost you money in the coming months through higher prices on Californian grown food.

We need to reduce carbon dioxide pollution. A revenue-neutral carbon tax on all fossil fuels is a straightforward, comprehensive way to reduce this greenhouse gas. It must be revenue neutral as to not grow government.

It will protect the poor and middle class from increased cost and it will stimulate market solutions to develop low carbon and no carbon energy sources.

There is a scientific consensus on the cause of climate change. We now need to develop a social consensus on recognizing the problem and finding solutions; our children and grandchildren will thank us.

Steven Coleman


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