Climate change a constant event but not man-made

March 3, 2014 

In spite of the fact that there has been no global warming the past 16 years, even though atmospheric carbon dioxide has continued to rise, we still frequently read alarmist articles and letters about "climate change," a trendy term being used in place of the words "global warming" so that all weather variations can erroneously be used as evidence of global warming.

Such letters and articles continue to proffer the notion that man is causing the planet to warm. While no credible climate scientist would deny that the planet has warmed a small amount the past 150 years as Earth has recovered from the Little Ice Age, there exists no statistically significant empirical evidence to support man as the cause.

Non-validated and deeply flawed computer model outputs, put forth as climate science, are not scientific facts; they are not scientific evidence; they are not even predictions.

They are simply speculation based upon scary computer scenarios. Furthermore, "reports of scientists," generally alluded to for support, are often vastly different from "scientific reports."

We should all be thankful for climate change. Without it we would not have recovered from the last ice age when glaciers covered much of Earth -- a mile deep over Chicago, for example.

Climate has always changed; it always will. No one can point to a time when we have not had climate change. Stasis is not an option with climate.

M.S. Medeiros, Jr.


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