Mannix About Manatee: No more monopolizing TV remote in our house

March 2, 2014 

Controlling TV remote heads south

One of my New Year's resolutions is still intact, thank you.

I'm no longer monopolizing the TV remote like I once did.

You can ask my wife.

When the recent Winter Olympics were drawing near, Sherri was making noises about watching them on our bedroom TV alone since she knew I was not a big fan.

She didn't want to listen to my sarcastic running commentary, either.

Especially during the figure skating.


Well, surprise, surprise!

We watched the Sochi games every night.

I don't know what came over me.

That included the figure skating, definitely a first.

Sherri was amazed.

Sharing the remote in our household continued with the resumption of "The Voice," which is one of our favorite shows, particularly in the early going when the talent is chosen and then they pick their coaches.

It's when the show starts dragging out the elimination phase until kingdom come that we lose interest before the winner is chosen the final night.

Then there's "American Idol."

It's hardly ever been a problem who's got the remote the nights that's been on for good reason.

We've never watched it.

Until now.

Sam Woolf is why.

Like most folks around town, we're fascinated to see how far the Braden River High School heartthrob will ride this surging wave.

He's got more talent than most of the young performers in the show's final 12 contestants, but it's definitely a popularity contest from here on out.

After Syesha Mercado came so close a few years ago on "Idol," it'd be a gas having a hometown kid win the whole shebang.

Vote early! Vote often!

Which brings me to the Academy Awards on Sunday night. I'll definitely defer to Sherri on this one.

Watching the Oscars was once a big deal for yours truly. Not so much anymore.

Think the last time I watched it from beginning to end was when Clint Eastwood won Best Picture and Best Director for "Unforgiven."

That was, what, 22 years ago? Wow.

Going down the list of this year's Best Picture contenders, the only one I've seen is "Captain Phillips."

As for the rest, we'll just wait until they get into the nearby dollar theater. Or rent the video. Or do Netflix.

Better run the choices by Sherri first, of course.

If it's not a "chick flick"?

I may be watching it by myself.

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