Raker family's thanks for Jon Chapman column tribute to son

March 2, 2014 

The late Steve Raker holds a grouper he speared at what is now known as "Raker Ledge." PROVIDED PHOTO

We, the Raker family, would like to thank Jon Chapman for his wonderful tribute to our son Steven (S.T.) Raker in his Feb. 16 fishing column.

It is also heartwarming to hear what good friends S.T. and Jon were. After we read the tribute, tears flowed down our cheeks.

We reminisced about the days S.T. went fishing with all his friends and how much he enjoyed it.

We also remembered the families that we had met and knew over the years who also lost a child. Families like the Everts, the Marlars and the Braxtons.

As time goes on we realize that we will miss out on Steve's graduation from Army flight school, college graduation, his marriage, his children and most of all his presence.

Like our daughter, Chelsea, said, Steve did his job on Earth. We look forward to the day when we will see him again. We think of him every day.

We would like to thank the Bradenton Herald and most especially Jon Chapman for the remembrance of our son, Steve Raker.

The Raker Family


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