Manatee River powerboat races will endanger manatees

March 2, 2014 

Formula 2 Powerboats could be racing down the Manatee River as part of a planned regatta in January 2015 from the organizers of the Pittsburgh Three Rivers Regatta. Photo by Archie Carpenter


I think powerboat races along our Manatee River is a very bad idea. This river is named after our endangered manatees, here long before us, not to mention all the other fish and animals who call the river home.

The recent outcry to protect our bay from the Long Bar Pointe development showed that a great number of us do care about our local environment.

Last year's manatee deaths hit record levels, and the creatures face new threats all the time. Do we need to create new threats?

Please, show the same concern for our great wildlife that inhabits this river before it turns into a speedway for annual events.

Pittsburgh doesn't have endangered species to deal with in its river like we do.

If we get a warm January, you can bet the manatees will be in the river.

We welcome sports that have no environmental impact, like sailing, dragon boats and kayak races, for example. There are places for speed boat races in this country but the Manatee River is not one of them.

Before you think of money, think of protecting what we are supposed to. Our local wildlife.

If you agree, please make your voice heard.

Bob Higgins


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