Manatee County school board sets meeting inconvenient to public

February 28, 2014 

Former Manatee County School Board chairwoman Karen Carpenter accepts a plaque and bouqet of roses from new chairwoman Julie Aranibar and vice chair Dave "Watchdog" Miner. ERICA EARL/Bradenton Herald.

When sponsoring an event, you may not want everyone to attend. There are two likely ways to handle this problem: (1) do not tell certain people about the event, or (2) schedule it at a time and place that is particularly inconvenient.

A majority of the Manatee County school board, with Karen Carpenter and Dave "Watchdog" Miner dissenting, has chosen the latter in scheduling a Florida School Board Association Training Workshop for Monday, March 3, at 9 a.m. at the Professional Support Center on 2501 63rd. Ave. E.

It is no coincidence that this meeting is scheduled early in the morning on the week's busiest day at a location with which few are familiar.

The intent of this meeting is to rewrite the board's operating manual, and the effect will be to weaken the oversight capability of board members, thereby strengthening the power of the superintendent.

Since the Harry Kinnan days, the Manatee school board has not missed an opportunity to step backwards. Superintendents Roger Dearing and Tim McGonegal operated under half-hearted board supervision and we know how that worked for us.

Our board will move in that same manner on Monday unless the public steps up. A majority of the board members seem determined to avoid facing their responsibilities. They must be pushed.

Richard J. Jackson


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