Thoughts on Middle East, choice, climate, health care

February 28, 2014 

For President Obama: Bill Clinton wanted to be known as the peace president. He spent a lot of time and effort trying to establish peace treaties in the Middle East with little or no success. Not unlike your recent attempts to resolve problems with Egypt and Syria.

Well, there has been fighting and discord over there for centuries with no end in sight. How about if we just cut off their foreign aid and come home?

For the pro-choice proponents: If your parents had thought the same way you do, you might never have been here in the first place. Ever think about that?

For the global warming advocates: Have you ever gone on the Internet and done some research on ice ages? They have been coming and going for millions of years.

These natural cycles happened without man's influence one way or another. If we are in a global warming cycle (which is debatable), then it is just mother nature continuing to do what she has been doing since long before man and machines were ever thought of.

Finally, I would like to see this administration's new medical plan more correctly referred to as the Unaffordable Care Act.

An analogy. You purchase a new car for two sound and logical reasons: the price fits within your budget and the vehicle chosen is designed to give you the service and performance you need.

A year later the government steps in and says that you can't keep that car. You must now buy a more expensive one that will not give you the same bang for your buck as the one you had. Welcome to the Obama Doesn't Care Act.

And, if you think things are going bad now with this program, then just wait. It is going to get a lot worse.

David Altenbach


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