Bradenton Housing Authority board plan to hire new director is puzzling

February 27, 2014 

Yes, the Bradenton Housing Authority, under intense public scrutiny, is trying to make changes as pointed out in the Herald's Feb. 23 editorial. Their plans for finding a new executive director seemed to be confused.

When an entity undertakes a search, national or otherwise, the presence of an "insider" candidate (Darcy Branch) sends a chilling message to any potential applicants. Most of the time the insider candidate gets the job.

Good potential candidates know this and are loathe to risk applying when they already have a job they might jeopardize by applying.

The other potential rub is Darcy Branch makes $131,000 a year while the median salary for a small HUD such as the BHA is $44,000.

If she is selected, is the BHA board going to pay her $131,000 or if the proposed salary and benefits survey says she should make $44,000 is she going to take an $87,000 pay cut?

Shouldn't the BHA know what they are going to pay the new executive director first?

Shouldn't Darcy Branch know that before she applies?

Are they going to make all the same mistakes Vin Mannix pointed out in his Feb. 23 column?

Einstein said insanity is doing the same thing over and expecting a different result.

Craig Trigueiro, MD

Lakewood Ranch

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