Nobody knows potential dangers of smoking e-cigarettes

February 27, 2014 

I just read a letter to the editor praising the e-cigarette proliferation. I have one question for him: Does he know what he is smoking?

At least with regular tobacco, as bad as they are for us, we know the over 400 nasty things that they are comprised of.

I think most of the people using them are regular tobacco smokers and then when they go into a public space they take their e-cigs and smoke them as substitute in spaces where they can't smoke the real ones.

I go to the flea market weekends and it's crazy how many people are smoking them and blowing who knows what into my face.

I never have been a smoker but I understand the addiction it is with friends I have.

It is just a matter of time before regulation catches up with this new fad and it gets banned to outside areas just like tobacco products.

Most contain nicotine, which is a drug. So just because they burn from a battery instead of a fire, what is the real benefit?

Scott B. Scoville


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