Animals, not politicians, deserve our donations

February 26, 2014 

I read Paul Sloan's Feb. 23 letter to the editor. He wrote about the Napier animal rescue and I, too, believe the Napiers tried to do all the right things but it just got out of hand.

Animal rescue is an ongoing and expensive deal. Most readers of this newspaper most likely are quick to give a political candidate anywhere from $10 to $50 to help get them elected. I have come to realize that is a useless waste of money!

I prefer to give money to animal rescues, either by holding small parties at my house and asking for money, handing out pamphlets from the rescue, or just doing it myself and helping an animal.

I see millionaires give thousands of dollars to a political candidate only to have that politician go to work and turn against our wishes. A candidate that uses our money to get elected is supposed to work for us and do what we tell them to do; they are not supposed to get along with the other party and compromise.

When money is used to help an animal that is a stray or abused, sick and lost, that is such a wonderful experience.

Animals love us no matter what and usually do what we expect of them.

I suggest you stop giving so much money to the self-adorned politicians who act like celebrities and start helping one of the many rescues that save our precious pets.

Start with the Manatee County Animal Services "No Kill" Pet Adoption Center downtown and go from there.

Mike McLeod


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