Shufflin' | Variety the spice of life for shufflers

February 25, 2014 

In shuffleboard tournament scheduling, as in many other areas of personal and public life, variety is stimulating.

At the Open District Board Meeting this Saturday, votes will be taken on some new efforts to change tournament policy in the Southwest Coast District.

The 2014-15 District Schedule already has reinstated the No 2 Pros Tournament for March 19, 2015, at Bradenton. We missed it this year, and Bradenton Shuffle Club deserves our thanks for its restoration.

A vote is scheduled on a proposal to add a District Masters Tournament for state amateurs to be instituted in this district for the future. Thus three tournaments could be held at the same time and place: the Open Masters, the State Amateur Masters and the District Amateur Masters. Other districts have done this successfully for years. Players who approve should lobby their club presidents and the district board to support this constructive improvement for the future. This would give State Amateurs something to look forward to. Many State Amateurs have gone for years without being in any Masters and this is the cure, giving them a reasonable goal for which to strive.

This will be an open board meeting that welcomes players interested to attend and offer commentary which can be influential but does not include voting.

The 2014-15 Southwest Coast District Tournament schedule already includes some novelty, much for the good it would seem. Five District Amateur Friday Tournaments will be draws. The constructive side of this is Amateurs will experience new partnerships that can extend your friendship circle, maybe even help find a new partner or two for the future. It is also constructive in preparation for those who will move up to many more (nine or 10) draws in the Upper Division.

The Open and District Amateur Masters are already scheduled to play at the same time and place (Palmetto) this very season.

Another dream of some of us would be to encourage some club to offer in 2015-16 a Singles at both Open and District Amateur levels. Now only the Masters is played as Singles. The schedule could offer a practical training ground by including a Singles in the regular season.

Tournament results

• SWCD D-15 at Palmetto, M/L Draw Doubles began Jan. 30, Rained out and finished on Feb. 20. Men Main: 1. Charlie DeVries-Jim Rathburn, 2. Larry Mardis-Dwayne Cross, 3. Larry Toole-Jim Miller, 4 John L. Brown-Mike Marquis. Consolation: 1. Mike Keeping-Darrel Blake, 2. Jerry Stannard-John Ulicny, 3. David Welsh-Jean Wilson Jr., 4. Joseph Kent-Don Herrold. Ladies Main: 1. Letha DeVries-Emma Searcy, 2. Heather Godson-Joan McCurdy 3. Nancy Sclafani-Ann Dirkse, 4. Pat Tomko-Pam Nurnberger. Consolation: 1. Barbara Duggan-Joyce Marquis, 2. Margaret Hartzler-Kathy Bouthwell, 3. Rita Coy-Joan Erwin, 4. Linda Wallingford-Siggy Gudzus.

• SWCD A-11 District amateurs/Any Doubles, began Jan. 31, also rained out and finished Feb. 20 at Palmetto. Main: 1. Don Webster-Adam Letz, 2. Lowell and Debra Williams, 3. Tony DeLuca-Jack Welty, 4. Harriet Piccard-Tammy Heppeard. Consolation: 1. Jill and Mo DeBruyne, 2. Tom Wixson-Bill Fowler, 3. Linden Terwilliger-John Stuart, 4. Ruby Flickinger-Paul Johnson.

• FL P-21A at Trailer Estates, Feb. 17-19, DeSoto Doubles, M/L Division. Ladies Main: 2. Ann Wedel-Judy Taylor, 3. Pat Batdorff. Consolation: 1. Marlene Coburn-Lois Wegner, 2. Emma Searcy-Letha DeVries, 4. Claudia Kellogg-Carolyn Bailey. 37 Ladies teams, largest registration in years. Men Main: 1. Jim Miller-Larry Mardis, 2. Ben Coy-Dave Minnich, 3. Ron Nurnberger-Mel Erb, 4. Peter Berg-Bob Cooter. Consolation: 1. Gerry Curwin-Jerry Everett, 2. John L. Brown, 3. Bill Tice-Jim Rathburn.

• FL A-18, Feb. 17, at Sebring, Any Amateurs/Any Doubles. Main: 4. Lowell and Debra Williams.

Future tournaments

• Tuesday is the second day of FL P-22A at Tavares, M/L Doubles and P-22B at Lee County, Mixed Doubles. Also Tuesday is the second day of FL A-19 at Sebring, Any Amateurs/Any Doubles.

• Thursday at Bradenton Tropical Palms, SWCD D-18 Open Doubles, 75 points. Feb. 28 at Bradenton Tropical Palms, SWCD A-14 District Amateurs/Any Doubles.

• Reminder, 1 p.m. Saturday at Bradenton, Open District Board Meeting, all are welcome.

• March 3, FL P-23A at Fort Pierce, P-23B at Zephyrhills Betmar, Open M/L Doubles. Also March 3, FL A-20A at Leesburg, A-20B at Lee County, Any Amatuers/Any Doubles.


• Jerry Everett earned his 200th point Feb. 19 at the DeSoto Doubles at Trailer Estates, Congratulations! Jerry will be inducted Jan. 19, 2015, at Hollywood the first day of the State-Sponsored Singles. It will be a nice occasion.

• Word is received of the passing of Clarence Wright of the Central District. Clarence was a good shuffler and served three years as President of the Florida Shuffleboard Association. Clarence had suffered poor health these past few seasons, but memories of his better days are pleasant.

Happy shuffling!

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